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9th June, 2007. 5:51 pm. Reparations(garlicfiend)

I've gone back and repaired all the links to the comics, so all and sundry can now revisit the goodness of comics past.

And as you can see above, Hinterland has not completely faded out of my consciousness. But it's one of many things sitting on the counter, waiting for me to decide precisely what I'm going to do with it.

Every once in a while, Weiss pops into my consciousness and lets me know that he's not real a back burner kind of character, and that I need to do something with him.


Current mood: frazzled.

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17th April, 2007. 11:58 am. Explanation(garlicfiend)

Due to recent comicking activity, you may have wondered in here expecting to see something cool. And of course, there is nothing. Allow me to explain...

It's been about ninemonths since I've drawn a Hinterland comic. I got a 9-5 job, leaving me very little time for comicking -- Hinterland always took too long to draw for what it was -- but anyways, that shouldn't have affected the existing comics. And it didn't.

So last fall, my wife lupin_spirit got pissed off at our credit card company and cancelled our credit card. But then we couldn't get a new credit card we we have a lot of debt, and I hadn't been at my job long enough. So my website, felixcommentaries.org, where I kept all the Hinterland pics... died. I let it die. Because I had gone crazy and was in a deep emotional sociopathic pit, and I didn't care.

I'm out of that pit now, but I lost everything on the website, and rebuilding it is a little down the priority list for me. I'll try to get the comics re-hosted on Photobucket or something and get all the links fixed, but don't know when I'll get to it. Sorry all :(


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26th July, 2006. 7:37 pm. Apologies(garlicfiend)

It seems my web hosting service, Drak.net, is having problems. I use them for both my website felixcommentaries.org and to host all the Hinterland images. My guess is that it's because they are in Texas where there's a massive fucking heatwave, and everybody is running air conditioners (even the prairie dogs). Which means they are probably having brown-outs and shit, which is likely fucking with the bank of web servers on which HL resides.

Of course this is all speculation having to do with the fact that I like Drak and don't really want to blame them for this.

So anyway, bear with.

Edit: For some reason, the entire subdirectory with the notebook pics vanished. I recreated it, so that post is fixed. Fricking air conditioned redneck texan prariedog hackers...

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21st July, 2006. 10:46 pm. From the Hinterland Notebook.(garlicfiend)

So I got this new job recently. And I am in training. For four hours a day. And I am just about trained-out. So I was being bored out of my ever-lovin' skull, Weiss decided to hold tryouts for a new Hinterland character. I give you the results behind the cut, scanned directly from my note book where they were rendered with a ball-point pen.

the tryoutsCollapse )

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19th July, 2006. 10:24 pm.(garlicfiend)

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30th May, 2006. 10:46 am.(garlicfiend)

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22nd May, 2006. 11:19 am. New profile pic(garlicfiend)

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21st May, 2006. 3:26 pm.(garlicfiend)

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18th May, 2006. 10:09 pm.(garlicfiend)

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16th May, 2006. 2:28 pm. Better Late than Never(garlicfiend)

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